Sex after a heart attack

Dear Rebecca,

My husband of 30 years had a heart attack three months ago and is recovering well. We both want to get back to our usually great sex life, but I’m worried about it affecting his health. What if it makes him ill or causes another heart attack?



Hi Gloria,

Thank you for your email. Glad to hear that your husband is recovering well. Depending on whether or not he had any procedures done, doctors generally suggest 4-6 weeks before any strenuous exercise after a heart attack. If he did have a procedure of any kind, he may have a slightly longer healing time. Sadly, your doctor might not think to talk to you about post heart attack sex, so you might have to be the one to bring it up. Write down your concerns with your husband and take them with you the next time you see the doctor.

Sex usually affects the body the same as exercise, so if your husband has been cleared for exercise he should be fine for sex. The good news is that sex could actually be a part of the healing process.

Sex helps to keep us in shape by exercising our muscles, burning calories and releasing health-inducing chemicals into the body. It also soothes tired nerves, boosts the immune system and is a great cardio-vascular workout too!

You could also try some tantric breathing with him. Spend some time getting aroused in whatever way you feel like. Then breathe the sexual energy up from the genitals, through the centre of his body, up into the heart. Do this with long, slow, deep breaths. Sexual energy is very healing and could help speed up his healing process.

Part of recovery for both of you will be to reconnect emotionally as well as physically. Sex is a fantastic way to do that too.

With love,



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