Newly single for the holidays…

Dear Rebecca,

My long-term relationship ended a few months ago so I’m facing the holidays on my own for the first time in a long time. I have a few parties to go to but really not sure I can face them alone. Do you have any tips on how to make it easier to be social as a newly single person during the holidays?




Hi Janey,

Thanks for your email. For many people, the holiday season is a time of heightened emotions and feelings. The pressure to buy presents, be sociable and all loved up can be strong. As the first holiday season you’ve been single for a while, you have the choice of either withdrawing inwards and staying in, nurturing and looking after yourself, or polishing yourself up, putting on a smile and heading out for some fun. Either choice is really valid and you’ll need to see how you feel before each social opportunity before deciding what to do.

If you decide you’d rather have just your own company, then make sure you really look after yourself. What do you do that sustains you? You could make yourself a delicious, nutritious meal, dance around to your favourite tunes, or pile into bed with your favourite films and get cosy for the night. Take the opportunity to empower yourself with your sexual energy too. Masturbating just for your pleasure, to feel your own sexual energy can be powerfully healing and is a great way to reclaim yourself and your body. Offer yourself some romance as well as pleasure with this beautiful Icicles Romantic Rose Glass Dildo.

If you decide you’d rather give the socializing a go, here’s a sure fire way to be buzzing and full of juicy energy while you’re out. Set aside some extra time before you leave for the party to self-pleasure. Build up your sexual energy till your whole body is buzzing with joy. It doesn’t matter if you orgasm or not, just getting that gorgeous energy swirling through you will build your confidence and help you to give off a aura full of vitality and sensuality.

Either way, do what feels right to you at the time. It’s great to draw in and look after yourself, very healing and necessary too. It can also be healing to head out buzzing with sexual energy and see what the evening holds for you.

With love and delight,



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