My first experience with a woman…

Dear Rebecca,

I’m just starting my first relationship with a woman and am a little nervous about sex. I’ve been with a few men, but never a woman and am worried I won’t know what to do. Can you help?

Thank you,



Hi Amanda,

Thank you for your email. Congratulations on your new relationship. My first advice to you would be to take it at a pace that is comfortable to you. Does your girlfriend know this is your first experience with a woman? Talk to her about how you feel and about what you’d each like to explore together. Take time to get to know each other’s bodies, ask her what she likes and tell her what you like. If you’re in any doubt about what to do,just  ask her to show you if necessary. You might like to explore using sex toys together at some point too. What about a dildo or even a double-ended dildo? There are lots of ideas on our website so you could spend some time looking through it together to get ideas.

Wishing you lots of fun, juicy and intimate explorations.

With love and delight,



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