Is sex safe during her period?

Dear Rebecca,

In past relationships, my girlfriends have never been interested in sex during their periods. However my new girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind and in fact sometimes asks me to have sex with her then. Is it safe to have sex during her period? Can she get pregnant?

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Dear Sonny,

Thanks for your email. Every woman will feel differently about her period and whether or not she likes to have sex during it. For some women, it is just a ‘no go’ time when she wants to be a bit more insular and look after herself. If this is the case you could offer to support her. Ask her what would help her at this time. She might like you to bring her a hot water bottle and a cup of tea or to massage her lower back or feet. There are still plenty of ways to be intimate if she doesn’t fancy full on penetrative sex.

Other women are quite happy to have sex during their period and in fact, some find that it helps with the cramps and general pains associated with periods. It is perfectly safe to have sex during a woman’s period although it is still very important to have safe sex. There can be a higher risk of STD infection so be sure to use a condom for penetrative sex or a dental dam if having oral sex.  Although highly unlikely, it is still possible to get pregnant during a period and best to still use protection.

Sometimes people are concerned about potential mess when having sex during a period. If you’re worried about it, I would suggest using a PVC sheet and putting some dark, soft towels down on top. That way you can both rest assured that the sheets won’t stain and the towels will easily wash.

If you have any concerns about sex during her period, talk to your girlfriend about it. She will be able to tell you how she feels and why it’s ok with her.

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