I wondered if you could give me any advice on Ben Wa Balls…

Hi Rachael,

I wondered if you could give me any advice on Ben Wa Balls?

I bought some Toy Joy Girly Giggle Balls and found them very uncomfortable

and quite painful to remove due to the knobbly bits. I then decided that smooth would be better, so have got my self some marble sized smooth Ben Wa Balls.

The trouble is my pelvic muscles are quite weak, one of the reasons I want them for, and I find the small ones don’t stay put,

obviously it is quite wet and slippery inside and being smooth they have no grip. So…… Where do you suggest I go from here?

And also could you tell me exactly where they are worn inside? I know this sounds silly, but how far in do I put them?

Many Thanks,


Thank you for your detailed question.

Maintaining a healthy pelvic floor is a really important subject for all women as weakness, in the worst case can cause a vaginal prolapse or urinary incontinence.

Training your pelvic floor muscles should not be limited to after childbirth or post menopause and is relevant to all ages.

Not only does the pelvic floor support the female reproductive and digestive systems,

it is also plays a significant role in the woman’s sexual fulfillment as strong pelvic floor muscles can cause more sensitivity in the genitals and therefore greater arousal and satisfaction.

Your chances of achieving orgasm also increases once you begin to feel your pelvic floor muscles.

With regards to the Ben Wa Balls, to notice a marked improvement in your pelvic floors tone and strength,

you have to literally train with them consistently. It’s just like going to the gym, the same rules apply, it’s repetitions with resistance that gets you fit.

The only difference, as you point out, is that you can’t feel much going on as they are inside your body but I can assure you that the more you squeeze

(just like you were trying to stop yourself urinating) against the Ben Wa Balls, the quicker your muscles will become effective.

By the way, the aim isn’t to actually grip them with your vagina but more to activate your muscles at the entrance to the vagina to keep them inside.

As these outer muscles strengthen, you’ll find an improvement in the sensations deeper inside the vagina and hopefully you will start to feel the balls

knocking against each other which can also be pleasurable.

I suggest that you begin your training with XL Ben Wa Balls,

then after squeezing and releasing your pelvic muscles for up to 100 reps a day over a period of a month, reduce the size of the balls to the Original Ben Wa Balls.

Good luck and enjoy the increased pleasure for all the hard work.

If you have any more questions on Ben Wa Balls then please feel free to contact us and one of the experts here at Sex Toys will get back to you as soon as possible.

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