I think she is seeing someone else…


I’m a male of 43 I’ve been with my g/f for 8 year’s now but I think she is seeing someone else. I do the laundry and I found her stocking’s and she never wears them for work and we haven’t been out anywhere. She said she has been on her monthly’s all week but there are four thongs in the washing. Do you think I’m right? Or am I paranoid?



Thank you for your letter.

I understand your concerns and wish I could put your mind at rest but unfortunately I can’t. I would suggest discussing your fears with your girlfriend, communication is key in every relationship. It could be that she has been seeing someone else or that she has simply gone off sex.

What I can tell you is, usually when a woman has an affair, she’s looking for the love and romance that’s she feels is missing in her current relationship, whereas a man might have an affair just for the sex. Infidelity doesn’t have to mean the end of your relationship. It can be the complete opposite, as you have the potential to look at what went wrong and recreate something even better than before.

In either case, you could use your concerns as an opportunity to inject more romance into your relationship. We know that this is what keeps women happy and fulfilled.

Try leading her blindfolded into the bedroom, then unveil a tidy, candle lit bedroom with the bed of roses scattered on clean bed sheets. Have a Romantic Essentials kit to hand so you can be attentive to all her needs, letting her know that you are there just for her pleasure. Remember to whisper words of love and have lots of eye contact as you pamper and indulge her.

Another activity that often gets ignored in long term relationships, is having fun together. Unfortunately, in a long term relationship such as yours you can grow apart and look for laughter outside of the relationship. Humour relaxes you and is great for bonding, so try putting some fun back into your sex life. You may also find that as you begin to relax and unwind together, that you’ll find it easier to talk about how you’re feeling.

My best advice for you, is to create a romantic, light atmosphere for her pleasure and see what happens when your hearts open.

Good luck and have a great time on the way!


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