How do I surprise my girlfriend with naughty Christmas presents?

Dear Rebecca,

I would like to surprise my girlfriend with lots of naughty Christmas pressies this year, but am not sure how to give them to her. We are spending the holidays with her parents and certainly don’t want her to open them up in front of them. Any suggestions?



Hi Neil,

Thank you for your email. What a lucky girlfriend you have! Here’s a couple of ways you could give her your presents without any embarrassment for anyone:

You could suggest to her that you have your own ‘private’ Christmas before you head off to the family. If she agrees, create a cosy Christmas atmosphere at home with mulled wine, mince pies and a little personal pressy sharing time. You might even get a chance to try a few out before you go!

If she’s like me though, she won’t want to open her pressies early. In that case, don’t put her presents out where the family can see them, but keep them hidden in your bedroom or suitcase. Then on Christmas morning tell her you want to give her your presents while she’s cosied up in bed. You could even bring her a cuppa or glass of champagne to enjoy while she’s opening them. If you want to avoid suspicion from the family you could get her a couple of small, ‘not sexy’ gifts to have under the tree.

Wishing you a saucy Christmas!

With love,


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