How do I put the condom on without disrupting the mood?

Dear Rebecca,

I’ve just come out of a long-term relationship where we didn’t use condoms. Now that I’m playing the field a bit condoms are essential, but it’s not very sexy to stop in the middle of things for him to put one on. Is there a way to make it a bit sexier or at least a bit more fun?





Hi Lucy,

Thank you for your email. The good news it that, yes, there are ways to make it sexier and more fun! Rather than stopping play to put the condom on, get creative and find ways to incorporate it into the proceedings. You could try doing it seductively, where you take charge with the condom. Tease him with the packet; roll it over your body and then over his. Give his hard cock a little teasing tap with it. You could do a ‘strip-tease’ by seductively ripping the package open (being careful of the condom inside!) and tempting him with the condom in a sort of ‘will she, won’t she’ way. Lean over his face so he can feel your breasts on his face or wiggle your bum sweetly at him while you pop the condom on.

With love and delight,



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