How do I make a hen party super sexy?

Dear Rebecca,

My best friend is getting married next month, and as her Chief Bridesmaid I’d like to throw her a hen party she’ll love and remember forever.  She’s quite a saucy gal so am thinking of something sexy and fun. Any suggestions?



Hi Laura,

Thank you for your email. Congratulations on your best friend getting married and being the Chief Bridesmaid. What an honour! There are lots of fun ways to sex up a hen party and we have all sorts of things here to get you going!

To start with you could ask attendees to dress up in their favourite sexy clothes, or to bring lingerie to change into. Perhaps you could give them a sexy theme to encourage them. For the bride-to-be have a look at our fun sashes, headbands and tutus.

You could invite a tantra teacher to come put you through some sexy exercises, or get some hot men to serve you all night long. They could offer foot massages, get the drinks, serve dinner and maybe even provide some sexy entertainment!

You could also play some sexy games. Try this fun version of Musical Chairs: Put enough chairs in a circle so that everyone except one person has a seat. Do each round for as long as you like. Round 1 – the person without a seat stands in the middle and says something they like to give or receive sexually. All the people who like the thing she said has to change seats, including the speaker trying to get a seat. Whoever doesn’t get a seat goes next. Round 2 – the person in the middle says a fantasy she’d like to come true. Same as before, anyone that has the same fantasy has to get a new seat. Round 3 – the person in the middle says a fantasy that she likes but wouldn’t actually want to come true.

How about Pass the Parcel with the ‘parcel’ full of sex toys? You could start with small things like condoms & lubes and have larger gifts such as dildos & anal beads closer to the inside of the package.

Here’s another fun idea – You could get everyone to write down a sexual fantasy or two (anonymously) and then put them all in a hat. Get the bride-to-be to read them out for everyone to enjoy. They could be anything from just a couple of sentences to full on longer fantasies. If the bride-to-be didn’t want to read them all out, you could pass the hat around and let each guest read one out.

Wishing you lots of sexy fun!

With love,


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