Feeling flat after the buzz of the holidays

Dear Rebecca,
My husband and I were really busy over the holidays. Now that it’s all over we’re both feeling a bit lost and uninspired sexually. Also, we both seem to lack the usual energy we have for sex. Can you help? Thanks, Laura Hi Laura, Thank you for your email. After all the buzz of the holidays, it’s easy to feel a bit flat. It’s grey and dreary outside, it gets dark by 4pm and the cold weather has firmly taken root. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be as grim inside as it is outside. Even if you don’t feel particularly juiced up and ready for a full on sexual extravaganza, here’s a sensual way to put some erotic warmth back into your cold nights: Create a winter warmer atmosphere with candles, a log fire if you’re luck enough to have one and lots of cozy cushions and blankets. Pour yourselves a drink – it could be alcohol if you’d like or something more warming like a hot chocolate with a bit of cayenne pepper or peppermint. Cuddle up together with your favourite erotica and take turns reading passages to each other. See how the energy of the evening flows. You might find yourselves heating up and finding your way to some soft sensual love making that doesn’t require tons of energy or you might end up ripping each other’s clothes off in a hot moment of passion. Try not to have expectations and just let the evening, and your sexual energy, go where it goes naturally. Whatever happens, you will have had a cosy winter evening of cuddling, erotica and romantic connections. With love, Rebecca

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